About Scott Dunn

Scott Dunn is Vice-Chair of HSITAG and serves as Director of Health and Human Services Programs at Optum.

Procurement Pulse: Minnesota Uses Innovative Procurement Methods to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

As outdated methods of procurement continue to frustrate many of those involved in the process, government agencies are increasingly looking to reimagine their procurement methods. HSITAG is engaging with state health and human services (HHS) procurement officials to identify opportunities for enhancing procurement efficiency and effectiveness.

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Industry and States Join Forces to Urge Improvements in Human Services Systems

HSITAG is proud to have contributed to the American Public Human Services Association’s (APHSA) most recent cornerstone policy briefing. The policy brief titled, “Harnessing Data and Technology to Construct a Human Services System that Supports Thriving and Equitable Communities,”  highlights how technological innovations have created new paths for Human Service agencies to use their data and technology to strengthen their infrastructure and ultimately build agencies that provide equal and fair access to essential benefits.

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