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HSITAG’s Charitable Giving Campaign returned on June 14th at the American Public Human Services Association’s National Health and Human Services Summit in Washington D.C. Each year, HSITAG conducts giving campaigns to raise awareness on various social causes that impact health and human services programs. During this year’s most recent campaign, members joined forces to help fight food injustice as part of #HSITAGGivesBack.

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2022-23 Strategic Plan

Prior to developing our Strategic Plan, the HSITAG Board of Directors identified positives from the previous year, as well as areas of opportunity to help ensure the continued success of HSITAG. Highlights included member participation, charitable giving events, and relationships with industry partners – all things we look forward to continuing.

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#HSITAGgivesback Partners with So Others Might Eat

HSITAG’s final member meeting of 2021 in Washington D.C. included a hands on volunteer activity through the #HSITAGgivesback campaign. The Charitable Giving committee organized the filling of 200 individual boxes with personal care items for a local D.C. nonprofit, So Others Might Eat (SOME), to distribute and share with those experiencing homelessness.

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HSITAG Welcomes a New Board of Directors

HSITAG is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of a Chair, two Vice Chairs, and eight voting Board members who are elected to serve a two-year term. Members elected Patricia Donaldson as our Chair and Scott Dunn and Lou Polzella as our Vice Chairs.

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#HSITAGGivesBack Charitable Giving Campaign Facilitates Influential Coaching Program

In 2021, HSITAG’s Charitable Giving Committee successfully launched a 6-month coaching program through #HSITAGgivesback to provide college student participants with key IT industry insights, knowledge and tools. The coaching program, in collaboration with a couple of Girls Who Code college chapters, provided participants with career development tools, knowledge, skill building, networking tips and leadership advice to help address the gender and diversity gap for those entering the IT job market.

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2021 Annual Report

As you know, 2021 was a significant year in the history of HSITAG, as it was our first full year operating as an independent association. Amidst a global pandemic and the formation of the new entity, we achieved notable accomplishments thanks to the incredible dedication of our members. I am excited to share some highlights of a remarkable year for HSITAG.

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#HSITAGGivesBack Mental Health

Each year, HSITAG participates in charitable giving campaigns to raise awareness and contribute to various social causes that impact health and human services programs and initiatives. HSITAG recently focused on mental health awareness as part of #HSITAGGivesBack.

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Procurement Pulse: Minnesota Uses Innovative Procurement Methods to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

As outdated methods of procurement continue to frustrate many of those involved in the process, government agencies are increasingly looking to reimagine their procurement methods. HSITAG is engaging with state health and human services (HHS) procurement officials to identify opportunities for enhancing procurement efficiency and effectiveness.

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Industry and States Join Forces to Urge Improvements in Human Services Systems

HSITAG is proud to have contributed to the American Public Human Services Association’s (APHSA) most recent cornerstone policy briefing. The policy brief titled, “Harnessing Data and Technology to Construct a Human Services System that Supports Thriving and Equitable Communities,”  highlights how technological innovations have created new paths for Human Service agencies to use their data and technology to strengthen their infrastructure and ultimately build agencies that provide equal and fair access to essential benefits.

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