HSITAG is a member-driven organization. Our members help plan every aspect of our work from meeting programming, marketing and communications, industry partnerships and content development. Members are encouraged to join one of the standing committees or evolving workgroups that meet remotely and are focused on a number of areas including industry collaboration, programming, charitable giving, and various topical issues.

The key strategic objective of the Charitable Giving committee is to create opportunities for the HSITAG community to give back virtually or in a hands-on way to human services related organizations.
The Content and Issues Committee will scan the current HHS landscape for issues or projects that it believes HSITAG should be monitoring, involved with, and working on. It will identify issues for focus and evaluation of implications on the industry, customers, and those served by health and human services programs.
This topic-specific workgroup will undertake an assessment of the child care market, understand funding streams and priorities for the states, and deliver relevant content to membership.
The Programming committee develops the agendas for the 11 annual HSITAG meetings. The goal is to offer diverse, relevant, and valuable content each month to ensure members’ attendance and contribute to the drivers for increased member satisfaction.
The Membership Engagement Committee’s strategic objective is to recruit, engage and retain companies who are committed to HSITAG’s agenda, the Health and Human Services market, and the HSITAG mission to serve as a collaborative source of knowledge, educational outreach and guidance to improve the delivery of human services programs.