“The HSITAG members were great at answering questions and inspiring technical leaders! HSITAG brought up aspects of job acquisition that I would not have thought about such as salary negotiation.“

Girls Who Code University of Virginia Participant

“I am so glad I attended this session today! I learned many valuable tips about working in industry that I will definitely be sharing with peers. However, I have also been given a lot of great questions to consider when thinking about where I want to end up in the future. So thank you so much for your time!”

Girls Who Code University of Virginia Participant

“Very helpful, I value the much-needed advice on narrowing down resume activities and learning about different activities for different jobs in IT, as I’m interested in the field but not entirely sure what work it consists of.”

Girls Who Code University of Virginia Participant

“This HSITAG Coaching Session opened my eyes to job opportunities in tech that I never knew existed! This hour empowered me to reach out to professionals that I had never met before.”

Girls Who Code University of Virginia Participant

“I was able to learn a lot about the best resume and interview practices and it was great to get industry professionals’ perspectives.”

Girls Who Code University of Virginia Participant

What is the HSITAG Coaching Program and how long is the program for 2021?

#HSITAGgivesback is launching a 6-month coaching program.  The goal of the coaching program is to have productive conversations and meetings providing diverse college-aged participants with career development tools, knowledge, skills building, networking and leadership to help address the gender and diversity gap for those entering in the IT job market.

Who can be a coach?

Any HSITAG member can be a coach who would like to work with participants in providing career development guidance, help participants develop professional skills and assist in obtaining additional career and networking resources.

Who can be a participant?

College-age youth partnering with HSITAG who would benefit in having a coach to guide career and professional guidance, networking and leadership with access to professionals leading delivery of human services programs.

Matching coach and participant

Based on the information the coach and participant complete, the HSITAG Charitable Giving committee will match the coach and participant based on goals and interests.

This program provides 1:1 opportunity with the coach and participant one hour once a month over a 6 month period from April 2021 – October 2021 with monthly themes and events:

– Career Journey template

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