Dear Members,

I am honored to serve as your Chair for the next two years. I look forward to collaborating with each of you in support of HSITAG.

Prior to developing our Strategic Plan, the HSITAG Board of Directors identified positives from the previous year, as well as areas of opportunity to help ensure the continued success of HSITAG. Highlights included member participation, charitable giving events, and relationships with industry partners – all things we look forward to continuing. When discussing potential opportunities related to increasing membership satisfaction and the future of HSITAG, there were many ideas shared among the Board. We landed on a couple of key themes:

  1. Providing members with forums to share and showcase their companies and offerings, and
  2. Identifying and developing the next generation of HSITAG participants and leaders.

The Board then reviewed and expanded our previous strategic goals and identified committees to define, organize, and execute plans to achieve these broadened goals.

Our Strategic Plan outlines the activities, programs, and efforts we strive to develop and execute. By continuing to leave our logos at the door, promote collaboration, and encourage open and fair competition, we can collectively achieve our goals and advance HSITAG’s mission.

Thank you for your continued contributions and commitment to HSITAG. We need all of you to deliver on this plan!

Patty Donaldson

Read the full strategic plan below…