In 2021, HSITAG’s Charitable Giving Committee successfully launched a 6-month coaching program through #HSITAGgivesback to provide college student participants with key IT industry insights, knowledge and tools. The coaching program, in collaboration with a couple of Girls Who Code college chapters, provided participants with career development tools, knowledge, skill building, networking tips and leadership advice to help address the gender and diversity gap for those entering the IT job market.

During this inaugural program, the eight participants were paired with their own coach from HSITAG. Each HSITAG coach worked with their participant to help develop their professional skills and introduce them to prospective career opportunities.

For each coaching session, the coaches focused on a specific topic to guide the conversation with their participant. Topics covered in the sessions included building a better Linkedin profile and resume, networking strategies, interview tips and tricks, and internship applications. Coaches also assisted participants in obtaining additional career and networking resources.

HSITAG member and program coach Carole Hussey shared, “When I eagerly signed up for the HSITAG Coaching Program, I couldn’t wait to give back to the industry that I am so passionate about. I was beyond impressed with the talent, motivation, and innovation of these program participants. It was incredibly rewarding experience for me and gives me great hope for the future of HHS technology.”

The Charitable Giving committee carefully paired each coach and participant based on the participant’s goals and interests. This process helped each participant received targeted resources and advice from a HSITAG coach who specializes in the industry area the participant was most excited to learn more about.

“The HSITAG coaching program significantly benefited my career development as an undergraduate. While working closely with my coach, I’ve learned how to effectively build my resume, network with others, and prepare for internships applications,” shared a participant of the program.

Following this year’s successful program, HSTIAG Charitable Giving Campaign looks to the future and plans to prepare another installation of the program.

“Networking, interviewing and building a solid resume are invaluable skills for young adults who are about to enter the working world,” said Vice Chair Richard Wells. “The knowledge and skills of HSITAG members, as seen by this year’s program, greatly benefit young adults during the most daunting years of their developing careers.”

HSITAG members interested in building IT career foundations for young adults are eligible and encouraged to participate in next year’s coaching program. Interested members may reach out to the Charitable Giving committee for more information.


  • Karen Rewalt is a HSITAG Board Member and serves as the Senior Director of the Product Management Public Sector HHS at Salesforce.