In a new video series, members describe why they are committed to HSITAG. As a member-driven organization, HSITAG members play an integral role in shaping the organization and its outcomes, from driving marketing and communications strategies to building industry partnerships and developing content.

As a member of HSITAG, organizations and individuals enjoy a multitude of benefits that allow peers to share valuable insights within the Health and Human Services (HHS) industry and give back to their industry as a whole. Member benefits include:

  • The ability to join a variety of member-driven initiative working groups
  • Access to market intelligence and government officials in the HHS market
  • Monthly meetings with key government and industry officials
  • HHS technology trend monitoring

Check out the following videos from HSITAG members Oracle, CMA Consulting, and OnCore Consulting as they describe #WhyHSITAG drives value and positively impacts their organizations.

Bob Nevins, the Director of Health and Human Services Strategy at Oracle, notes Oracle has been a long-time member of HSITAG because of the valuable industry connections and relationships it provides. Nevins has found that he and his HSITAG colleagues share the same values and passion for making lives better through the HHS industry and beyond. 

Gary Davis, the Executive Vice President of CMA, values being a member of HSITAG for allowing him and his organization to contribute to the broader HHS community and serve the industry on a much larger scale. Davis’ experience growing up in a single parent household is a primary source behind his dedication to improve the delivery of important services, including safety net programs.

Neal Johnson, the Digital Services Support Project leader at OnCore Consulting, lists four reasons why OnCore is a dedicated member of HSITAG. From HSITAG’s influential role in facilitating important relationships within the industry to providing a platform for OnCore to give back to the HHS community, Johnson notes OnCore is a proud member of HSITAG.

Are you a member of HSITAG? If so, take time to show #WhyHSITAG impacts your community by making your own member video! Please contact Executive Director Jennifer Saha for more information.