As outdated methods of procurement continue to frustrate many of those involved in the process, government agencies are increasingly looking to reimagine their procurement methods. HSITAG is engaging with state health and human services (HHS) procurement officials to identify opportunities for enhancing procurement efficiency and effectiveness.

In the latest installment of HSITAG Procurement Pulse, I discuss State procurement methodology with Rachel Dougherty, Enterprise Contracts Counsel with the Office of State Procurement from the State of Minnesota. In our interview, Rachel provides a look into the State of Minnesota’s procurement method, sharing insights and lessons learned from the Minnesota experience.

Takeaways from the interview include:

  • Partner agencies increasingly seek more dialogue with vendors instead of exchanging documents through a formal, rigid procurement process.
  • Technology often moves faster than the request for proposal (RFP) process, causing traditional procurement methods to lag behind and miss important steps in technological development.
  • Keep an open mind and listen to partner agencies to develop a more attuned process for procurement.

Our spotlight discussion with Rachel Doughtery marks the second interview in our series where we engage with HHS leaders to hear and learn from their perspectives on a number of procurement topics.

Watch the interview.


  • Scott Dunn is Vice-Chair of HSITAG and serves as Director of Health and Human Services Programs at Optum.